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Acquire More Customers With Email Retargeting


What is Email Retargeting?

A new and incremental acquisition channel that allows brands to send personalized emails to
anonymous website visitors to convert them into customers.

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Email Retargeting Turns Anonymous Leads Into Customers By:

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Identifying More Prospects

Expand your marketing reach and create robust profiles before a purchase is made
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Combining Website Behavior with Identity

Launch abandoned site/category/product/cart campaigns to re-engage leads
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Optimizing Cross-Channel Content

Maintain communication with site visitors
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Leaving Deliverability to the Experts

We manage the entire retargeting process

Getting More Customers

Proven ROI success with email retargeting

Real Results from Our Customers

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81x ROI

for an online fragrance retailer
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7500 Email Prospects Identified

for an online eyewear retailer

29% average open rate

for a travel agency



Get Started in 3 Easy Steps


1. Place our snippet on your site

Place our JavaScript snippet on the page(s) where you want to capture anonymous visitors. You can define rules based on page types or the number of page visits to trigger an email.


2. Determine your campaign(s), cadence, and creative

Choose from 4 campaign options:

• Abandoned Site/Page
• Abandoned Category
• Abandoned Product
• Abandoned Cart

Email creatives can feature the product the individual viewed or the items left behind in their cart. You can implement multiple campaigns and  touches while using frequency caps to keep things under control.


3. Sit back and relax!

Our reporting will reveal the new customers we drove in and the dollars they spent. If only driving revenue were always this easy!


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