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Email Validation

How to Clean Your Email List

with Email Validation

Email List Cleaning Essentials

A clean email list is essential to email marketing success. When your number of bounces, complaints and spam trap hits exceeds the threshold set by ISPs, your messages can be sent to the spam folder or even blocked.

Email list cleaning improves your email reputation and increases email deliverability by removing bad or fraudulent email addresses from your list.

Why Choose TowerData to Clean My Email List?

  • Spam Trap Suppression: We’ve done extensive research and data collection on spam traps, frequent complainers, honeypots, bots and disposable emails to help you maintain a clean and worry-free email list.
  • Email Correction: Our email hygiene corrects syntax and spelling errors, fixing up to 15% of your invalid email addresses, reducing data entry errors and saving lost leads.
  • Domain Checks: We maintain a proprietary database to provide the fastest and most accurate domain validation available. We verify the status of a domain multiple times over a period of days to determine its true status. This prevents a false status that would cause emails to be incorrectly marked as invalid, ensuring you receive accurate results.
  • Mailbox Checks: We use sophisticated technology and dedicated IP addresses to check mailboxes in real-time and determine whether messages will soft bounce, hard bounce or deliver.
  • Detailed Status Codes: We provide 30 email validation status codes that tell you exactly why email addresses are bad. We do this not only for greater transparency, but also so you can confirm results and identify and resolve data collection problems.
  • Email Activity Metrics: As a supplement to our email verification, we can tell you how old an email address is, when it last opened a message and how active it's been. Learn more about EAM.

A clean email list improves inbox delivery and response rates. Get the benefits of email scrubbing with our free Email Validation report.

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