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Sending to bad email accounts is costly.
In fact, 8.4% of email addresses entered
on websites are invalid, fake or misspelled.

Email Validation protects your marketing spend and improves your ROI by catching and correcting invalid data.
 Get your data quickly and securely with API and batch processing.

Correct Errors

Correct Errors

Catch and correct invalid syntax, spelling errors and typos
Remove Toxic Emails

Remove Toxic Emails

Identify toxic emails and spam traps, flag role accounts and disposable addresses
Check Mailbox

Check Mailbox

Real-time domain and mailbox verification
Identify Actives

Identify Actives

Pair with our email activity data to prioritize best addresses
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Looking for a quick overview of our Email Validation service? 

Watch this short video to learn how to use Email Validation with TowerData 

Product Tour

We make it simple to clean your data through our self-service portal, InstantData. Create a free account and either select your email list from your local device, upload it via FTP or import it from your email marketing platform. We are integrated with MailChimp, Constant Contact, Bronto, Emarsys, Hubspot and more to come.
List Summary Overview

Product Tour

Our easy-to-use dashboard gives you a high-level overview of your data quality. Quickly review the status breakdown of your email addresses, the types of domains on your list, how many typos we detected and corrected and the quantity of role accounts you should watch out for.

Product Tour

Our 30+ response codes provide in-depth insights into your data quality and highlight ways you can improve your data collection practices. InstantData, our self-service platform, provides both summary reports and appends our analysis to each email on your list.

Response Codes

Product Tour

With our API, you can avoid lost leads and improve data quality by validating email addresses in real-time as they are entered on your web forms or collected in your stores. You can submit files via our API as well and track your usage and results directly via the InstantData dashboard.
API Reporting

Identify undeliverable emails and clean your
data today with a free trial

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Email Validation Pricing

  • Number of Records Processed
  • Price Per Email (minimum order $50)
  • 1 – 99,999

  • $0.010

  • 100,000 – 249,999

  • $0.009

  • 250,000 – 499,999

  • $0.008

  • 500,000 – 999,999

  • $0.006

  • 1,000,000+

  • Call for pricing

Under the Hood

TowerData leverages a massive database, world-class technology, and years of experience to provide Email Validation with unmatched accuracy, speed, and security. Our clients can safely customize their deliverability strategy and maximize their investment in their email programs.


Identify and auto-correct typos through the syntax check to convert bad leads into quality leads.

Typos result from increased mobile device use and in-store, clerk-captured emails during transactions. Auto-correct helps our clients recapture these leads.


Identify known toxic email addresses and flag hazardous accounts through TowerData’s network of trusted data partners and proprietary monitoring methods.

Toxic emails, including spam traps, are responsible for damaging email deliverability because emailing a hazardous account can get domains blacklisted. The suppression file helps alleviate spam trap problems, known complainers, and opt-outs from third party messaging.


Regularly check and update domains against TowerData’s proprietary database of over 350 million active domains to immediately identify invalid data.

We recognize that network outages occur, so we take a conservative approach to flagging invalid domains. We also log what we know about that domain and any unique rules it may have for email. Instant MX checks on domains ensure they are live and not parked while also identifying bots and role-based accounts. 


Communicate with the domain to individually validate and confirm the active status of the email, a key component to Mailbox Verification.

Primarily through SMTP, TowerData can quickly and accurately communicate with the domain and attempt to validate the availability of the mailbox. Cases in which domains do not permit the SMTP approach, we will return as “unverifiable” or “unknown” if all other validation criteria are met.


Fast, easy, and secure results with the convenience of TowerData’s integration partners.

Clients can safely select a file from their device or import data from one of our integration partners to quickly receive validation results. We are integrated with Salesforce Marketing Cloud, Mailchimp, Maropost, Hubspot, and more! With 33 response delivery codes, our clients can best customize their delivery strategy.


Build TowerData’s email validation into your processes and get real-time results with API for Real-Time and Automated Processing.

With multiple ways to access our data, clients connect to our powerful API to get a real-time disposition of each collected email or batch processing via our List API, Automated FTP or various pre-built integrations.


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