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The Leader in Fraud Prevention with 98% Recognition of North American Emails

40% of fraudsters use a new email address.

10% of those new email addresses are fake or invalid.

Data Scientists worldwide rely on TowerData’s massive historical database of email addresses and the billions of real-time signals we receive every month.
We've been compiling email-centric identity data for over 20 years, making us uniquely qualified to enhance your fraud discovery models
with the most comprehensive and accurate email data available.

Prevent costly fraud with fast, easy and
secure access to email address data

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Fuel Your Fraud Logic with Our Proprietary Decision Data

Under the Hood

We power the leading global fraud models with email data based on 4 billion historical emails and 2 billion monthly activity signals. This, in combination with our other real-time solutions, makes TowerData the best choice for easy, fast and secure access to the data you need to prevent fraud and protect the integrity of your database.


Build powerful fraud prevention algorithms with billions of monthly email data points

We continually aggregate the history, behavior and linking of email data across platforms to generate an ever-expanding database of over 2 billion email activity signals monthly, encompassing 360 million unique emails and 4 million unique domains.


Accurately assess the risk of an email with a single, comprehensive tool

An in-depth analysis with our partners showed that 40% of fraudsters use a new email address and 10% of those new email addresses are fake or invalid. 

With this in mind, we're confident our fraud solution is the sole service you need to accurately assess the risk of an email address to identify fraud.


Identify fraud at lightning-speed via TowerData's real-time API

Powered in real-time by over 2 billion monthly events, our lightning-fast API processes your email data to identify risky data and prevent it from ever entering your database.


Power fraud prevention with
accurate, secure email data

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