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Email Validation

Clean Your Email List

with Email Validation

Validate Email Addresses to Improve Deliverability

Bounces, complaints and spam trap hits caused by invalid or fraudulent email addresses reduce the number of emails that make it to the inbox. TowerData’s fast, accurate and secure Email Validation service can remove bad emails from your list, leading to higher opens, clicks and conversions.

What You Get with TowerData Email Validation

  • Accurate Syntax Engine: Identifies invalid email formats and lets the good ones through.
  • Sophisticated Email Correction: Corrects misspellings, preventing data entry errors, lost leads and typo traps.
  • Thorough Spam Trap Suppression: Prevents spam traps and complainers from getting on your list and damaging your email deliverability.
  • Proprietary Domain Database: Ensures the most accurate status of every email domain.
  • Comprehensive Mailbox Check: Determines whether messages to a mailbox will hard bounce, soft bounce or deliver.
  • Detailed Status Codes: Provides 30 diagnostic codes to precisely categorize which emails are bad and why.
  • Email Activity MetricsTells you how old an email is, how active it's been, and when it last opened.

An Email Validation Service on Your Terms

Big or small, fast or at your leisure, whether you have an existing email list to clean or you want to stop bad emails from bringing down your list, we have a solution for you.

  • API: Verify email addresses in real-time on a website or mobile device.
  • Automated Batch: Submit your email list for automated processing via FTP and receive results within minutes or hours.
  • Full Service: Get in touch to send us your file, and we’ll return results within a few days.
Email Validation

Free Email Address Validation Report


Validate email addresses starting at $0.01/query, with just a $100 monthly minimum through our API, and a $100 minimum per file in batch.


















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Learn more about Email Validation in this brochure. Or get started today with a free Email Validation report.