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Email Validation

Email Activity Metrics

with Email Validation

Distinguish Between Active, Inactive and Fraudulent
Email Addresses

You want to deliver your messages where they will count and stay away from the addresses that won’t respond or will get you in trouble. If an address hasn’t shown a pulse in years, or creates submissions to dozens of websites but never opens a message, you know it’s best to steer clear. On the other hand, mailing addresses that have opened messages recently get better results. But how do you determine which email addresses in your database to trust? 

With TowerData’s Email Activity Metrics (EAM), you can target legitimate, active emails and avoid risky or inactive addresses.

Email Activity Metrics Help You...

  • Reactivate Dormant Lists. Have a list of emails you haven’t mailed in a while? EAM matches addresses with confirmed activity on other mailers’ lists, and identifies safe-to-mail, in-use accounts.
  • Target Actives. Users who have opened messages from other marketers are more likely to engage with your communications. EAM helps you target the known openers on your list.
  • Prevent Fraud. Flag risky, newly-created emails, and those with unusual activity patterns, by using our real-time API behind your web forms.
  • Win Back Customers. Are the non-responsive emails on your list truly inactive, or just not interested in your offer? EAM can highlight the actively-used addresses most likely to respond to a win-back campaign.

How EAM Works

Powered by more than one billion email events we witness each month through our partner network, our email scoring technology generates these metrics:

  • Month Last Open – The month when we last saw the email address open a message. Great for determining which addresses are in active use.
  • Date First Seen – The date TowerData first observed the email address.
  • Velocity – The activity level of an email address over the past 6 months.
  • Popularity – The number of sources that have encountered the email address.

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