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Active Customer Intelligence

Website Visitor Identification 

Find out who is on your site

Identify anonymous browsers to engage new customers & deliver personalized campaigns.

Website Visitor Identification uses TowerData’s cookie pool to securely match unknown users with an email hash, deliverable email or postal address. 

  • Know Your Anonymous Users: Reach new people you couldn't otherwise identify and customize content for returning customers.
  • Build Intelligence: Capture information beginning with a user's first visit, and pair first-party and third-party data for powerful personalization
  • Align Your Marketing Channels: Launch individualized omnichannel campaigns on mediums including postal promotions, email retargeting and display ads.
  • Go Deeper With TowerData's Services: Pair Website Visitor Identification with Email Intelligence to get the demographics and purchase intent of your visitors.

Identify more than 20% of unknown users on your site

TowerData's Website Visitor Identification output options include:

  • Hashed Email
  • Deliverable Email
  • Postal Address
  • Email Intelligence 

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