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Recapture Lost Customers with Email Change of Address

Getting a new email address is a lot easier than getting a new house. That’s why email data erodes much faster than postal data. In fact, the average email database experiences 30% annual churn. 

TowerData’s Email Change of Address (ECOA) service can help you recapture lost customers and quickly rebuild your email database by replacing old, undeliverable email addresses for customers who move or change ISPs.

How TowerData’s ECOA Service Works

Our patented email change of address method triples the number of addresses that can be updated by leveraging the information relationships that can be found in existing consumer databases. Send us your list of undeliverable email addresses and we’ll match them to our ECOA database aggregated from thousands of websites. Then, we’ll send an email to your customers’ current addresses inviting them to reconnect with you.

We typically update 10-20% of an undeliverable list within two weeks and over 30% of a list scrubbed on an annual basis. 


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