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Active Customer Intelligence

Active Customer Intelligence

Know what your customers want, when they want it.

What is Active Customer Intelligence?

Active Customer Intelligence (ACI), a new feature of TowerData’s Email Intelligence service, reveals the real-time interests and wants of customers and prospects, and helps marketers reach consumers with messages about the right products at the right time—when they are actively shopping for them.

ACI Data is updated daily and comes from observing the online browsing and search behavior of individuals across 10,000 stores, 175 million product listings, 1,000 categories and 7,500 brands listed across thousands of shopping sites including: comparison shopping sites, deal sites, ratings and reviews sites and shopping portals on various publisher pages.

What Kinds of Data Are Available:

  • Purchase Intent: Products that customers are actively shopping for online.
  • Life Stage: Millennial, engaged, new parent, new home buyer and more...
  • Lifestyle: Adrenaline junkie, outdoor enthusiast, pet lover and more...
  • Shopper Type: Deal seeker, luxury buyer, online buyer and more....
  • Demographics: age, gender, name, address, income and much more...

Get the Data You Need When You Need It

No matter what type of customer information you have, ACI data can be matched to it. Our core database of 600 million email addresses is linked to 200 million postal addresses, 150 million cookies and 100 mobile advertising IDs. Data delivery options include:

  • Real-Time API: Profile prospects as soon as they engage with your brand.
  • Automated Batch: Submit your email list for automated processing via FTP and receive results within minutes or hours.
  • Triggered Delivery: Have TowerData notify you when your customers start shopping on other websites for products you offer.
  • InstantData: Find the customer data you need interactively, online.
  • Full Service: Get in touch to send us your file, and we’ll return results within a few days.
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