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Email Append

Add Names & Postal Addresses to Email

with Reverse Email Append

Match Names and Addresses to 35-50% of Your Email List

For marketers in need of email addresses, Email Append is a fast and accurate solution. But what if you already have email addresses and need corresponding postal addresses? TowerData Reverse Email Append can match name and postal address to 35-50% of your email list.

Why Choose TowerData for Reverse Email Appending?

  • We maintain an in-house database of more than 500 million unique email addresses attached to a first and last name and a DPV-certified postal address.
  • Our advanced data quality process prevents partial addresses or inaccurate data from entering our database.
  • We certify for validity and update our database monthly to ensure you won’t waste any time or money sending direct mail to incorrect addresses.
  • We return results to you in just a few days. Or you can take advantage of our real-time Reverse Email Append service.

With Reverse Email Append, you’ll be able to segment your email customers by location and market to them via direct mail. To learn more, see our brochure.

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