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TowerData acquires premier email verification provider Xverify

TowerData (1/31/2019)

Leading email data and technology services provider TowerData announces that it has completed the acquisition of Xverify, an email validation provider. Since 2011, Xverify has verified over 11 billion email addresses and helped businesses worldwide improve the quality of their email lists and boost their marketing ROI.


Harnessing the Power of eCommerce Demographic Data with Towerdata and Springbot

Springbot (3/17/2014)

With Springbot and TowerData, eCommerce stores are able to market smarter, not harder. They can engage with the right customers at the right time and have the ability to compete (and win) against eCommerce goliaths like Amazon and Walmart.



UnicornTech: The Marketing Technologies Supporting $1 Billion+ Valuation Companies

Battery Ventures

Privately-held companies with valuations of over a billion dollars, often referred to in the tech world as unicorns, are attracting a lot of attention these days. Engineers want to work for them, venture capitalists want to back them (the earlier the better), and a whole host of marketing-technology companies want to sell their services to them.



Vendor Spotlight: TowerData

The Magill Report (05/19/15)

TowerData aims to help you keep your data clean and get to know the people on your customer file better. Among the company’s offerings is email validation, where it assures clients incoming email addresses are valid and deliverable.



A Slice A Day - 3 Reasons Hashed Emails are the Future of Marketing with TowerData's Phil Davis

Edwards Communication (03/3/15)

No matter the marketer, B2B or B2C, it’s great when a new digital tool comes out to make life easier; especially if it’s something that you can implement effectively right away.



Springbot Real-time Demographic Analytics Goes Live in Magento App Store to Empower eCommerce Merchants with Customer Insights

Nasdaq (02/19/15)

To help online merchants better understand who they are marketing to, Springbot has launched FreeDemographicSnapshot on Magento Connect, the marketplace for Magento extensions. With just a few clicks, marketers get a powerful snapshot of their store's demographic data in seconds.



How TowerData Can Help You Increase Sales

Nimbus Inbound (02/3/15)

If you send generic information to everyone on your email list, you most likely won’t generate any leads. TowerData is a program created by entrepreneurial guru Phil Davis that organizes any email list and separates it by demographics in order to send the right information to the right people.



Zurmo + TowerData: Integration for Richer Lead Profiles

Zurmo (09/24/14)

A CRM is only as good as the quality of the data in it. If your data is outdated or there are duplicates in the system, it’s hard to get your team to use it. But having the most updated information in your CRM, as well as in-depth details on each contact can help you prioritize your prospects and close more deals.



Unleash Your Email Marketing Creativity with Big Data

Business 2 Community (08/10/14)

Are you right-brained or left-brained? Do you base your marketing on intuition or numbers? Creativity or data? Most marketers would say the former; big data can be a little scary when not relegated to the data scientists. 



Email Matching Solutions Promise To Connect Offline And Online Data

Ad Exchanger (12/17/13)

Two announcements last week underscored the importance of email as a means for bridging the gap between online and offline customer data.
The first was the acquisition of Rapleaf, a provider of email marketing personalization solutions, by email data services provider TowerData.



TowerData Acquires Real-Time Data Provider For Email Marketing

RTM Daily (12/12/13)

At the Email Insider Summit this morning, email data service provider TowerData announced it has acquired Rapleaf, a real-time data provider for email marketing.

Rapleaf, a Chicago-based company, boasts an 80% email match rate in the U.S., which is what initially drew TowerData to the company. That means Rapleaf provides data on 80% of U.S. email addresses, which the companies claim is among the highest in the industry.



TowerData Rebrands as Email-Only Data Firm

The Magill Report (4/2/13)

Database-services firm TowerData is expected to announce today it has rebranded itself from a telephone, postal and email database services firm to solely an email firm.

“Our strength has always been on the email side,” said Tom Burke, chief executive of TowerData. “For quite a number of years we offered a comprehensive set of data-quality services for email, postal and phone. And I think that was a little confusing to the marketplace and to some of our customers as to what was our core focus.”



How to Benefit from Email Appending

DIRECT (5/3/10)

E-mail appending, in which a data provider supplies you with the e-mail addresses of customers for whom you already have postal addresses and other information, can obviously boost the size of your e-mail house file and make it easier for you to retain and reactivate these buyers going forward. But many marketers shy away from appending, for fear of being accused of spamming and of alienating customers who had refrained from providing their e-mail addresses in the first place.



Efficient B-to-B Email Marketing

DIRECT (1/1/09)

We all want to do more with less these days. When you compare the cost of postal mail (about $1 apiece) to that of e-mail (about a penny per message) any B-to-B marketer is going to prefer e-mail for staying in touch with current customers and inquirers. A no-brainer, right?



3 Tips for Using Email Append

Target Marketing (10/29/08)

According to a study by TowerData, e-mail append—the process of adding e-mail addresses to extant postal addresses in a customer database—has become steadily more accurate and effective over the past four years. In a whitepaper, Growing Your List with E-mail Append, the e-mail and data solutions company reports that match rates have trended up and opt-out rates have trended down since 2004.



Database Hygiene, Clean is Good

Email Insider [PDF] (11/09/05)

These e-mail addresses are wrong: Dogman@hotmial.com, asdf@asdf.com. Do you see the mistakes? With more users entering incorrect e-mail addresses, we have to work harder to clean  up our databases. Once upon a time, I developed a Strategy Point of View document for several very large accounts and led with hygiene services rather than great communication strategies. My  first priority was getting a true valuation of their database and hygiene practices. However the senior account executive reacted with, “You can’t lead with that. They won’t buy that. It’s not creative enough.” 



Email List Hygiene 101

MarketingSherpa (3/26/03)

When you review your latest house list counts, do you ever feel like you have been kicked in the teeth?

You are working harder than ever before to convince people to join your email list. People are tired of email overload and wary of spam. You know if you can just get them to join each house list name is so much more valuable than any rental file you could ever test.





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