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Your personal convictions may tell you that snail mail is obsolete in today's modern era of social media and mobile technology, and who acknowledges...
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Identity Matching 101 How to Use Email to Resolve Customer Identity

Five Inspiring Email Personalization Techniques

Essential Tips for Email Design in 2019

4 New Ways to Use Data in Email

5 Email Marketing Fallacies that Could be Hurting Your Marketing Efforts

3 Great Welcome Emails to Wow Subscribers

How to Personalize Transactional Emails

How to Use CRM & Marketing Automation for Better Email Marketing

Why SMBs Need Customer Demographic Data

How to Personalize Each Stage of the Customer Lifecycle

Why You Need B2B Email Validation

[Podcast] How to Use Marketing Data for Better Engagement & Conversions

Email Validation Defined: What do terms like bounce & deliverability mean?

Why You Need Email Validation in 2019

Why No One is Clicking on Your Marketing Emails

Put a Ring on it: How to Boost Customer Engagement Today

Low Email Open Rate? Here's What to Do.

[Webinar] How to Make a Great First Impression on Your Customers

Vermont Data Broker Regulation: What You Need to Know

How To Wow Customers With Personalization & Segmentation

What Are Customer Demographics — & Why Are They Vital For Marketing?

2019 Marketing Predictions: Voice-Activated Emails, CDPs, Video

2019 Marketing Predictions: Personalization, Landing Pages, Interactive Email

2019 Marketing Predictions: Responsiveness, Chatbots and Video

2019 Marketing Predictions: Interactivity, Accessibility & Privacy

Here’s Why You Need to Use Behavioral Segmentation

Consistency is Key: How Marketers Can Create a Unified Brand Experience

Why Personalized Marketing Makes a Great First Impression on Customers

What is the Difference Between Personalization and Customization?

Your Worst Email Marketing Nightmares — Solved

Email Validation: How Email Verification Really Works

Revive Your Dead Email Marketing With These Tips

Debunking the 4 Most Common Email Marketing Myths

The 5 Most Avoidable Email Marketing Mistakes

4 Examples of Retailers Killing It At Email Marketing

5 Essential Retail Emails You Need to be Sending

5 Retail Email Examples to Wow Customers Across Channels

The Retail Pro's Guide to Winning at Email

10 Email Marketing Metrics to Measure and What They Tell You

What is the ROI of Email Validation?

Spark Engagement with These 6 Email Newsletter Strategies

Go Back To School With These Email Marketing 101 Tips

[Infographic] Why Email Marketing is King

What the California Consumer Privacy Act Means for Marketers

How 3 Brands Use Emotion in Email

How to Use Big Data to Identify Buyer Personas

How Personalized Retargeting Drives Conversions and Loyalty

Speak Softly: Using Data to Build Relationships With Customers

Tug at Your Customers' Heartstrings With These 3 Emotions

4 Types of Emails to Retain Great Customers

How 3 Brands Get & Keep Customers With Killer Loyalty Programs

4 Ways Data Boosts Customer Loyalty

How Personalization Earns Loyal Customers and Evangelists

Hashed Emails are the Future of Multichannel Marketing — Here's Why

TowerData's GDPR Compliance

[Infographic] 11 Quintessential Email Mantras to Rejuvenate Your Email Marketing Campaigns

How to Solve Your Biggest Multichannel Marketing Challenges

5 Key Ingredients for Multichannel Marketing Success

[Infographic] Email Personalization Advancements: The What, Why & How of Hyper-Personalization

Put Your Data to Work: 5 Easy Ways To Start Personalizing Emails Today

3 Brands Wowing Customers With Personalized Emails

Use Segmentation & These Best Practices to Step Up Your eCommerce Email Marketing Game

How Personalization Creates a Better Brand Experience

The New Rules of Email Personalization

Why Email Validation Is Essential to Reaching Your Customers

6 More Challenges Email Validation Helps You Overcome

Email Reputation: What It’s All About

[Infographic] 5 Pro Tips for Identity Matching Success

How Brands Earn Leads & Power Personalization With Website Visitor Identification 

How Identity Matching Helps Brands Make Connections

Why Email is the Heart of Identity Matching

Data Match-Making: Show Your Customers Some Extra Love With Identity Matching

[Webinar Recording] How to connect with your customers in every channel

Email Will Power The Future of People-Based Marketing — Here's Why

Why Data Fuels People-Based Marketing

How 4 Industry Experts Are Adapting to People-Based Marketing

Customer Expectations Have Changed — Here's What They Need From Brands

People-Based Marketing Isn't Magic — It's What Customers Expect

Why Behavioral Data Is the Key to Better Email Marketing

How to Personalize Email Based on Customer Lifecycle Stage

5 Ways to Write More Effective Email Copy

TowerData's Email Marketing Predictions for 2018

3 Little-Known Issues That Affect Email Deliverability

Grow Your Email List with These 9 Tips

How to Supercharge Your Email Marketing with Consumer Data

Why List Segmentation Matters in Email Marketing

Email Validation & Email Intelligence: A 1-2 Punch for Better Lead Nurturing

Email Append: Why Hashed Emails Are Essential to Identity Matching

5 Retail Email Marketing Tips to Align Digital, In-Store Experience

[Infographic] 119 Facts You Don't Know About Email Marketing

3 Ways to Use Customer Intelligence to Refine Your Email Strategy

7 Things That Make Your Email Marketing Campaign Successful

How 5 Top Brands Earn Loyalty with Triggered Emails

5 Inspiring and Insightful Takeaways from INBOUND 2017

Why Email Personalization is Essential for Transactional Emails

5 Ways To Make An Impact With Email Pop-Ups

3 Expert Tips for Effective Email List Cleaning

Why Marketers Should Pay Attention to Gender-Neutral Pronouns

The Critical Role of Email in Omnichannel Marketing

5 Clear-Cut Signs Your Email Marketing Strategy Needs Updating

Real-Time Subscriber Data: The Key to Email Marketing Success

The 5 Most Important Facts About Email Validation

3 Best Practices for Building Better Email Landing Pages

6 Interactive Email Ideas for Rookies and Pros

4 Ways Email Improves Marketing Campaign Performance

5 Essential Parts of a Pre-Deployment Email Checklist

The Past, Present and Future of Retail: A CRMC 2017 Recap

Marketing Technology Landscape: Growing and Knowing Customers

3 Powerful Email Deliverability Tricks Used By Top Brands

Why Connection Data is Crucial for Cross-Channel Success

6 Affordable Marketing Strategies for SMBs

How (and Why) You Should Use Email Marketing Automation

3 Big Brands with Exceptional Customer Loyalty Programs

Improving Email Deliverability: Bounce Exchange Webinar Recap

3 Marketing Email Templates You Really Should Be Using

7 Email Marketing Challenges Every Marketer Encounters

4 Powerful Ways to Re-Engage Inactive Email Subscribers

Identity Resolution 101: A RampUp 2017 Recap

Customer-First Marketing and Data: A MarketingSherpa Summit Recap

TowerData Empowers Marketers with Mobile Device IDs

4 Types of Must-Have Email Marketing Content

4 Opportunities for Email Personalization You Might Not Know

5 Ways Email Validation Can Help All Types of Marketing

Verizon's Email Retirement and Migration Announcement

3 Best Practices for Creating Engaging Marketing Emails

7 Surprising Facts About the History of Email Marketing

eTail West 2017: What We Learned About the Future of Retail

A Beginner's Guide to Email Deliverability

3 Tools You Need to Organize Your Multi-Channel Marketing

3 Great Examples of Email Personalization in Retail

Active Customer Intelligence: Know What Your Customers Want Right Now

Ask the Expert: B2C Email Marketing Insights

The Best Holiday Email Marketing Campaigns of 2016

Leveraging Customer Data: GreenRope Webinar Recap

How to Close the Gap between ERP and Email Marketing

TowerData Now Has Privacy Shield Certification

TowerData's Email Marketing Predictions for 2017

What TowerData Learned at the 2016 Email Insider Summit

TowerData Turns 15: Reflecting on Milestones, Looking Forward

6 Most Frequently Asked Questions About Email Marketing

How the Big Brands Achieve Cross-Channel Success

TowerData’s Key Takeaways from ad:tech 2016

6 Things Email Marketers Do That Drive Customers Crazy

TowerData’s Recap of &THEN 2016

Prepping for 2017: 4 Types of Email Campaigns You'll Need

How Email Marketing Campaigns Win and Lose Elections

Can Customer Data Help Build Trust With New Contacts? [Video]

Top 5 Reasons Why Customers Abandon Shopping Carts

Why You Need to Build Your Customer Loyalty Program NOW

Is It Possible to Personalize Direct Mail Like Email?

Best of Summer 2016: Email Campaigns We Loved

How to Use Customer Data Without Being Creepy

6 Email Personalization Tactics You Should Avoid

What Does a Perfect Email Campaign Look Like?

Can Consumer Data Increase Content Shareability? [VIDEO]

How to Use Emotional Targeting to Win Over Customers

8 Things to Know When Switching to a New ESP

From Mad Men to Mad Machines: Algorithms in Advertising

Back-to-School Marketing: Capitalizing On In-Store Purchases

Is There Such Thing as a One-Click Conversion?

Why Brands Should Pay Attention to Email Shares [Video]

The Formula for a Powerful Transactional Email

3 Things That Will Make Your Holiday Email Campaigns Shine

4 Things Customers REALLY Want from Brand Emails

What is Time Pressure and Why Does it Matter?

What 2 Things Drive Email Subscribers to Share? [Video]

How to Repurpose Content into Successful Email Campaigns

Email Spam Guidelines: 3 Things that Kill Deliverability

Hashed Email: The Secret to Personalization Success

3 Examples of Travel Email Marketing We Love

API Domain Distribution Analysis: 6 Findings

Email Optimization: Why Email Length is So Important

The First Email Innovation Summit: 3 Things You Need to Know

Salesforce Connections: 4 Things Brands Can Learn from Robin Roberts

6 Email Newsletter Strategies That Ignite Engagement

What is Identity Matching (Unified Data) and Why is it Important?

How to Run a Successful Referral Email Marketing Campaign

Here’s Why People Unsubscribe From Email Marketing

10 Email Marketing Terms You Need to Know in 2016

Email: The Weapon Against Identity Fraud

2 Case Studies that Prove the Power of Multichannel Data

How to Use Data to Create Powerful Post-Purchase Emails [Video]

What’s the Next Big Thing in Email Marketing? EEC16 Recap

3 Brilliant Examples of SaaS Email Marketing

5 Innovative Email Marketing Trends for Your Clients

The Dos and Don’ts of User-Generated Content: Avoid Unnecessary Risks

8 Types of Interactive Email Content That Convert

Mobile Email in 2016 and Beyond: Are You Doing It Right?

Why Post-Purchase Emails are an Engagement Gold Mine [Video]

5 Tips for More Interesting Emails & Higher Open Rates

4 Hot Retail Email Trends You Need to Know Now

#SHERPA16: Why Storytelling in Email is Now Mandatory

Why You Should Stop Deleting Inactive Email Subscribers

Debunking a Dangerous Email Spam Trap Myth [Video]

4 Things Email Subscribers Want (But Won’t Tell You)

Consumer Intent Vs. Demographics: Which is More Important?

4 Easy Delivery Tips You Can't Afford to Miss [Infographic]

4 Ways to Use Big Data Better in 2016

Your Email Optimization Strategy for Maximum ROI

PPC and Email: A Match Made in Data Heaven

Video Blog 4: Debunking Dangerous Email Myths Pt. 1 & 2

8 Best Practices for Avoiding the Spam Folder

3 Pieces of Email Marketing Advice You Should Ignore

Our Top Email Predictions for 2016

What to Do With New Email Addresses [Video]

Maximize Your Impact on New Email Subscribers From Holiday Campaigns

The Fate of the Term ‘Email’ and Other Trends From MPEIS 2015

3 Ways to Build Local Email Marketing That Rocks

How to Build Engagement Immediately

5 Challenges Solved by Growing Your Subscriber Base

Answers to Your Top Questions About Hashed Email [Video]

Top Mobile Shopping Trends (And How You Can Benefit)

Measure This Not That: How to Be Smarter About Email Metrics

Automated Content and Email Validation Rule at Ad:Tech NY 2015

5 Tips to Rev Up Your Customer Reviews With Email

The Why and How of Email List Segmentation

Boost Your Marketing Strategy With Empathy

3 Reasons Why Hashed Emails are Your Greatest Digital Asset

How to Get More Clicks From Your Emails [Video]

The Ultimate Email Marketer’s Glossary: 10 Data Terms You Need to Know

Using Data to Pump Up Your Loyalty Program

Client Spotlight: Springbot Shares How Successful Businesses Use Data

5 Foolproof Email Acquisition Practices for Savvy Email Marketers

Study Shows: Millennials LOVE Email

Overcoming the Pain Points of Email Data Management

The ABCs of Increasing Email Open Rates

Discover 5 Super Ingredients Your Email Marketing Is Missing

How to Use Psychology to Improve Email Engagement

The Truth Behind Email Engagement and Social Media

4 Examples of Amazing Shopping Cart Abandonment Campaigns

Email Engagement Dropping? Try These 5 Easy Fixes

How to Use Personalization to Drive Email List Growth

3 New Email Marketing Trends You Need to Know

Should You Be Using Real-Time Email Marketing?

Find the Best Email Marketing Vendors With Fluent's Landscape

4 Surprising Ways to Make Your Emails More Clickable

5 Secrets of Cart Abandonment Campaigns Customers Can’t Resist

3 Ways to Win with Adaptive Content

4 Easy Growth Hacks for Increasing Your Email Database Fast

What is Sticky Data and Why Do I Need It?

Top 3 Most Dangerous Email Marketing Myths Busted

How to Create Newsletters Subscribers LOVE in 3 Easy Steps

Personalization and Customer Success: Highlights from CNX15

10 Data-Backed Truths All Email Marketers Need to Know

MPEIS Recap: Customer Loyalty Program & Data-Powered Dynamic Content

6 Examples of Highly Effective Subject Lines

How to Use Personalization Data to Fuel Customer Engagement

Does UX Really Affect Your Email Marketing Success?

4 Things Marketers Need to Do with Newly Acquired Addresses

Bounce Exchange Shares Why Behavioral Marketing is Crucial

Powerful Post-Purchase Emails: 3 Examples

TowerData and Email Monks are Joining Forces! What it Means for You

The Campaign Checklist: 7 Items You Need Before You Launch

6 Tips for Crafting Compelling Email Content

Achieving One-on-One: The 3 Stages of Personalization [Infographic]

Achieve Better Email Marketing Results by Setting Quantifiable Goals

TowerData Talks Personalization at  GroupHigh Outreach Marketing Summit

Client Spotlight: DailyWorth Discusses the Benefits of Customer Data

How to Master Contextual Marketing in 3 Easy Steps

12 Life Saving Tools Every Email Marketer Needs

Is Email the Future of Major Network Display Advertising?

3 Fascinating Ways Conversion Depends on Personalization

Lookalike Modeling: A New Way to Find Your Most Promising Prospects

3 Brands That are Winning at Email Personalization

What to Do When You Don't Have Enough Data to Personalize Emails

14 Stats that Prove Email Marketing is Still King

Jeff Carl Talks About Customer Segmentation and Responsive Design

How to Increase Engagement in Your Omnichannel Campaigns

5 Tips for More Shareable Email Content

Top 5 Emails Your B2C/Retail Business Should be Sending

3 Exciting Things We Learned at the 2015 Bronto Summit

TowerData Talks Hashed Emails on A Slice a Day Podcast

How to Craft More Useful Email Content for Your Target Audience

How to Connect the Dots Between Landing Pages and Email

Top Tweets from the 2015 MarketingSherpa Email Summit

Danny Hsia: 2015 is the Year of Email Personalization

List Hygiene: 3 Spots You May Be Overlooking

3 Reasons Hashed Emails are the Future of Marketing

3 Emails We Love So Much We Have to Share

Highlights from the 2015 Email Evolution Conference

Email Evolution Conference 2015: Best Tweets from Day 1

How the Shubert Organization Boosted Engagement in 3 Short Acts

4 Examples of Effective B2C Welcome Emails

The Most Important and Least Used Email Marketing KPIs

Driving Engagement Across the Customer Lifecycle

4 Tips for Crafting Context-Driven Emails

Expert Tips for Kicking Off Your 2015 Email Marketing Right

Scientific Email Marketing: 6 Steps to Improve A/B Testing

How to Leverage Consumer Data to Build Trust

Decrease Email Inactivity by Understanding Your Customer Lifecycle

InstantData: A Quick Way to Learn More About Your Buyers

Managing Email Frequency: Is it Possible to Send Too Much Email?

Email Marketing: Top Tweets from MediaPost Email Insider Summit

Is Email Marketing Still Important? Predictions for 2015

How to Use Email Activity Scoring to Achieve Behavioral Segmentation

Are You Thankful For Your Email Database? Show it Some Love.

Contextual Marketing with Email Intelligence

The ROI of Email Intelligence: Here are the Facts

Stay Engaged With Your Buyers With Triggered Email Messaging

How to Put Your Email Subscribers in Control and Keep Them Engaged

Locate and Win Back Inactive Contacts with Email Activity Score

The Power of Email Segmentation in B2C Marketing

Best Practices to Re-Engage Inactive Email Subscribers

How Email Validation Works: Spam Trap Detection

TowerData Discusses Real-Time Engagement & Data at ExactTarget #CNX14

TowerData Takes #CustFest: A Recap of America’s Customer Festival

How Email Validation Works: Syntax Validation and Email Correction

Where Retailers Should Focus Their Big Data Efforts

How to Use Data to Turn New Buyers into Loyal Customers

Where Is My Email Marketing Going Wrong?

Back to School: 11 Essential Email Marketing Basics

Unleash Your Email Marketing Creativity with Big Data

3 Marketing Takeaways from John Legend

The Dos and Don’ts of Using Video in Email Marketing

Why Should I Use Video in My Next Marketing Email?

Drive More Clicks on Mobile Devices with a Clear Marketing Strategy

Mid-Year Email Marketing Resolutions to Act on Now

The Essential Pre-Deployment Checklist for Holiday Emails

Webinar from #TechWeekChi: Personalize and Predict with Email Data

3 Reasons You Should Engage in Multi-Channel Marketing

Insight from #IRCE2014: Personalization is the Future of eCommerce

TowerData Shares Best Tweets of #IRCE2014

Do I Need Email Intelligence for eCommerce?

What To Think About Before Choosing an Email Validation Provider

What is My Email Marketing Missing? Getting Back to Basics

When, Where and Why Customers Share Their Data

What Does “Big Data” Really Mean for Marketers?

3 Signs You Need Real-Time Data

Why You Don’t Have to Worry About Sending Too Much Email

3 Triggered Email Campaigns You Should Try

Email Fatigue: Are Your Customers Tired of Receiving Email?

MPEIS 2014 Best Tweets: Data, Personalization & the Email Glue Stick

Insight from #MPEIS: How to Get More Customers & Increase Loyalty

Using Data to Overcome the Hurdles of Email Marketing

The Real Problem with ‘Best Time to Send Email’ Blogs

4 Tips to Improve Email Data Quality

What the?!? 5 Weird but Useful Email Marketing Statistics

4 Emails You Should Start Sending Now

3 Offline Opportunities to Collect More Data

Using Email Intelligence to Compete with E-Commerce Goliaths

The 3 Steps to Getting Your Emails Read

Case Study: Boosting ROI with Fewer Email Addresses

Trigger Words to Get You In—or Knock You out of—the Inbox

The Do’s and Don’ts of Real-Time Email Marketing

5 Groups You Should Be Segmenting in Your Email List

What’s in a Form? 4 Tips on Collecting More Customer Data

Making Big Data Work for You: Lessons from British Airways

Who Says Email Marketing Trumps Social Media? Marketers Do.

Scaling Personalization Through Big Data: 3 Takeaways for Marketers

How to Develop a Big Data Strategy for Better Email Personalization

3 Signs Your Email Database Needs to Be Cleaned

Putting Email to the Test: What to Test in Email Marketing

3 Tips to Spice up Boring Emails

What You Need to Know About Canada’s Anti-Spam Law

Why It’s Really Time for Real-Time Analytics

Email Marketing’s Expanding Role Fuels Marketing Automation Surge

How Smart Email Marketers Grow Their Lists

Understand Your Big Data & You’ll Understand Your Customers

Email Marketing: Do Consumers Want a Relationship with Brands?

Multi-Channel Marketing: Weaving Together Email & Direct Mail

Why Email Subscribers Opt Out & What You Can Do About It

Content and Email Marketing Go Together Like Bread and Butter

Make Personalized Email Feel Comfortable, Not Creepy

The Top-Tier Email Marketing Path to Higher Revenues

15 Email Marketing Metrics You Should Be Tracking in 2014

The 4 Best Ways to Increase Your Email Marketing Revenues

3 Easy Strategies for Email List Segmentation

Email Marketing Strategy: The Importance of Being Different

Mapping Your Email Marketing Strategy to the New Buyer’s Journey

Email Strategy: The Art of Email Subject Lines for Mobile

Add These Automated Emails to Your Email Marketing Toolbox

Recap from MPEIS: More Data to Love with TowerData

TowerData Expands Email Marketing Solutions with Rapleaf Data

Reinventing Email: The New Rules of Email Marketing

6 Tips to Better Manage Your Email Marketing Campaigns

The New Big Thing in Email Marketing Is Engagement

Email Strategy: Optimizing Emails for HTML and Plain Text

Abandoned Cart Email Strategy: Part 2

Coming to Terms with Modern Email Marketing

Abandoned Cart Email Strategy: Part 1

Effective Email Marketing Begins with Knowing Your Customers

The Social Inbox: What Is It & What Should Email Marketers Do with It

3 Reasons Why Big Data Is Still Hot for B2B Marketers

Maverick Email Marketing: Breaking Rules and Making Waves

Email Strategy: Want to Beat Gmail Tabs?

Learn the Benefits of Email Intelligence, Email Validation at ad:tech

Behavioral Email Marketing: Real vs. Ideal

For Deliverability, Email Hygiene Makes the Biggest Difference

5 Tips to Capitalizing on Social Media to Build Your Email List

3 Key Dimensions of a Highly Compelling Marketing Email

Email Strategy: Email at the Core of Multi-channel Marketing

Better Target Email Subscribers with Personalization

The Pros and Cons of Offering Incentives in Email Marketing

Customer Profiling via Email Preference Centers: Good, Bad & Ugly

Thinking of Buying an Email List? Beware: It's Risky

The Top 5 Benefits of Real-Time Validation Services

Email Deliverability Tips: Beating Gmail’s New Inbox System

Know Your Customers Better: TowerData Tells Marketers How at DMA2013

5 Steps for Building a Successful Marketing Email

How to Make Newsletters New Again

Timeliness, Relevance, Hygiene Key to Top-Tier Email Marketer Success

Who Is Your Audience? Use Big Data to Define Buyer Personas

Email Strategy: What Makes a Great Call to Action?

While Mobile Use Continues to Rise, Email Marketers Continue to Lag

Email Strategy: Is There a Best Time to Send Emails?

How You Can Skyrocket Your Email Marketing Using Video

The True Cost of Typos in Email Marketing

In Email Marketing, Is Sending Less Really More?

Social Media & Email Marketing Integration Part 3: Ways to Integrate

Social Media & Email Marketing Integration Part 2: How to Get Started

Join TowerData at ExactTarget Connections 2013

Social Media & Email Marketing Integration Part 1: The Business Case

Gmail Changes Have Email Marketers Worried

Email Strategy: Top 5 Triggered Email Best Practices

Email Marketing Best Practices: What to Include Above the Fold

The New Gmail Inbox: What Email Marketers Need to Know

4 Unexpected Ways to Improve Email Marketing

Social Media Fans v. Email Subscribers: They Are Not the Same

Email Marketing’s New World Order: Short Cycle + Long Cycle

Yahoo! is Scrubbing Inactives— Should Email Marketers, Too?

4 Easy Ways to Personalize Your Emails with TowerData

5 Ideas on Growing Your Email Database Using Social Media

Good Addresses Go Bad: Keeping Pace with Email Data Decay Gets Harder

4 Signs Email Marketing Teams Should Consider Marketing Automation

Improve Email Deliverability & Be Rescued from the Spam Folder

Real-Time Email Marketing: Spirit Is Willing, But Marketers Unable

Upcoming Webinar on Email Deliverability and Marketing Automation

4 Tips for Better Mobile Email Marketing Design

Fasten Your Seat Belts: It’s Email Marketing at Warp Speed

5 Offline Ways to Effectively Build Your Email List

Optimize for Mobile for Better Email Marketing Results

Mobile Email Marketing: Formatting Email for Mobile Devices

Get Better Results Now: Treat Email Marketing like Real Estate

5 Obnoxious Ways To Ruin Your Email Marketing Campaign

Top Need-to-Know Email Marketing Definitions, Part 2

The Power of the Subject Line in Email Marketing

Top Need-to-Know Email Marketing Definitions, Part 1

Are Link Shorteners Hurting Your Email Deliverability?

5 Email Deliverability Stumbling Blocks

Data Hygiene: Create a Culture of Cleanliness to Beat Bad Data

3 Reasons Unsubscribes Can Be Good for Your Email Marketing

How to Improve Open Rates in Email Marketing

5 Ways Infomercials Can Help Improve Email Marketing A/B Testing

Email Marketing Strategy: 6 Steps for Creating a Better Welcome Email

Dirty Email Data Takes Its Toll

7 Email Acquisition Best Practices for Email Marketing

How Real-Time Enhancement Services can Improve Your Email Marketing

5 Common Email Marketing Strategy Mistakes

Why Email Marketers Should Utilize Welcome Campaigns

Expert Tips to Up Your Email Deliverability Game

Recap from IRCE: Big Conference, Big Data

Email Deliverability: Bigger Barriers Demand New Skills

Fact or Fiction: Email List Growth Is Never Bad

3 Ways Making it Difficult to Opt-Out Hurts Your Email Marketing

Hard Bounce Rate by Industry: The Worst Email Marketing Offenders

4 Quick and Simple Tips To Get More Email Opens

Email Marketing Mobile Disconnect Brings Wake Up Calls

A Couple of Creative Ways to Expand Your Opt-In Email List

Email Marketing: 3 Elements You Should Be Testing

Target Your Facebook Ads with Rapleaf Data

What Email Marketing Pros Want Most: A Comprehensive Customer View

7 Tips to Get C-Suite Buy-in for Email Validation

Engaging Email Subscribers Part Three: 4 Refreshes to Re-Engage

Step One for Using Big Data in Email Marketing: Get a Plan

Engaging Email Subscribers Part Two: 5 Tips to Keep Them Engaged

Introducing the Brand New Rapleaf Dashboard!

Engaging Email Subscribers Part One: 5 Tips to Engage from the Start

Real-Time Is the Hottest Trend in Email Marketing

How Not to Look Like a Spammer in Email Marketing

Don't Call It A Comeback

Email Marketing: What Separates Top-Tier Professionals from the Pack

5 Insights from the Email Acquisition Panel at Email Insider Summit

For Email Marketing, Big Data and Dirty Data Don’t Mix

5 Do’s of Using an Email Append Service

5 Don’ts of Using an Email Append Service

5 Easy Ways to Grow Your Email List

7 Missed Opportunities for Growing Your Email Database

5 Big Ways Email Marketers Can Use Big Data

This Brand is Your Brand, This Brand is My Brand

4 Easy Ways to Improve Your Email Reputation

Top Reasons for Duplicate Data (And 3 Techniques to Fix It)

Email Marketing and the Flattened Marketing Funnel

Why Choose an Email Validation Service?

Long Live King Email

The Art & Science of Triggered Emails

7 Ways to Increase Email Deliverability

4 Steps to Eliminating Human Error in Big Data

Email Validation: Why Accuracy Matters

Customer-Centricity Makes the Heart Grow Fonder

Email Append Services: 5 Questions to Distinguish Good from Bad

Email Marketing ROI and Data Quality Go Hand in Hand

More Bang for Your Marketing Buck: Getting More Emails

The Facts Don't Lie about Email Personalization

Bad Data a Major Hurdle to Email Marketing Success

Append + Cleanse = A Winning Combo for Email Marketing

Is Direct Mail Dying? 3 Effects on Marketing

Dunk in the Dark

Social Media and Email Marketing Walk into a Bar

To Win Email Marketing's Changing Game: Buyer Personas

3 Ways Companies of All Sizes Manage Contact Data

Recap from Marketing Sherpa: Always Bet on Data (And Black)

Postal Service Cutbacks Increase the Advantages of Email Marketing

Build Customer Profiles to Boost Email Marketing Results

Data Means Business

Don’t Miss your Mark: Improve Aim with Email Validation

TowerData Prepares for MarketingSherpa Email Summit 2013

Email Marketing On and Off the Field

Tailor Your Email Messages using Demographic Segmentation

7 Strong Content Development Tips for Email Marketing

3 Benefits to Removing Inactive Subscribers from Email Marketing Lists

Terminator 5: Rise of the Big Data

Your Email Bounced: Now What? Update Your List with Email Hygiene

Value of Email Marketing Continues to be Proven: Tips to Maximize ROI

14 Signs Email Marketing Is Poised for More Growth

Make a Great First Impression on Your Prospects Using Big Data

Taking List Segmentation to the Next Level

5 Things You’d Never Think of Doing with Big Data

Email Marketing Trends and Predictions for 2013

Utilize Big Data for Targeted Email Marketing Campaigns

We were early adopters of Hadoop (to make magic happen)

RIP: Fluff Marketing (send our regards to Don Draper)

Email Deliverability Is Job One

Dream Big

The Godfather (Email)

To Be Your Best, Test

In Email Marketing, Content Rules the Roost

Tis the Season for Email Hygiene

12 Top Holiday Email Marketing Tips

Amazon outage takes down the world (wide web)

Salesforce taps Rapleaf API to help power the Marketing Cloud

Email Relevancy Takes Center Stage

Real-Time Data Services Drive Multichannel Marketing

Intelligent Email Marketing


Email: The King of Smartphone Activity

Freshen Your Email List to Stay on Top

Consumers Prefer Email Over Other Mobile Messaging

Top 10 Email Marketing Trends of 2012

Lead Validation: Secret for Success

inSparq Makes the Rapleaf List of Top Marketing Automation Tools

Email + Social Media: Pushing the Revenue Envelope

Email List Cleaning Should Be a Sustained Effort

Email Testing for a Winning Edge

7 Super Tips for Mobile Email Marketing

Real-Time Data Services: A Stitch in Time...

The Lifetime Value of an Email Address

10 Ways to Get Started with Mobile Marketing

Email Appending: Ramping Up New Emails

10 Top Email List Cleaning Tips

Mobile Marketing: The New Make or Break Proposition

Spam Trap Dangers Make Marketers' Lives More Difficult

Email + Social Media Making Waves

Email Verification Lifts Data Quality, Reputation, and Results

Is List Hygiene the Weakest Link in your Email Marketing Program?

Data Append Makes Multichannel Marketing Hum

Demographic Segmentation for Greater Email Marketing Success

List Hygiene Gives Triggered Email a Bigger Kick

Reduce Your Bounce Rate to Raise Your Marketing Game

2012 Personalization Summit Recap

Data Appending Expands Marketing Reach and Results

8 Quick Tips to Help Your Content Marketing Efforts Succeed

Email List Cleaning for a Competitive Edge

Rapleaf Hosts Second-Annual Personalization Summit this Thursday

When and How Often You Should Email Your List

Inactive Emails: Ignore Them at Your Peril

Come see us at Ad:Tech - Booth #1812

Take Advantage of a Demographics Service to Boost Marketing Success

Rapleaf Announces Second Round of Winners for The Personalization Fund

Spam Traps: What You Need to Know

How to Master the Art of Content Marketing - 5 Keys to Success

Email Appending Pays Off for the Financial Times

Rapleaf's InstantData now live in the WhatCounts Publicaster Edition

7 Tips for Achieving the Optimum Email Database

10 Email Marketing Checks and Balances

Get More Emails: 10 Tips on How to Grow Your List

Most Marketers Don't Utilize Age and Gender for their Subscribers

Email Hygiene: A Clean List Helps Keep Your Business Healthy

Personalization vs. Customization

Among All Channels, Email Marketing Rules

The State of Email Marketing [Infographic]

5 Reasons Why It Pays to Deploy Email Validation

The Evolution of Email Marketing & Social CRM

How Email Append Can Accelerate Your Email Marketing

Want Better Email Marketing Results? It's in the Data!

TowerData Boosts Its Real-Time Data Services with New API

Rapleaf Data in Action-It's that Simple!

The History of Email, from Then to Now.

The A, B & Cs of Email Marketing in 2012

9 Email-Related Companies To Watch In 2012

Our InstantData Video-New and Improved

What Will 2012 Mean for Email Marketers?

List Enhancement: Past, Present, and Future

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Day 7: The 12 Days of Personalization

Day 6: The 12 Days of Personalization

Day 5: The 12 Days of Personalization

Day 4: The 12 Days of Personalization

Day 3: The 12 Days of Personalization

Day 2: The 12 Days of Personalization

The 12 Days of Personalization

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