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Our Mission

Helping marketers know & engage the person behind the email

TowerData is a technology company that powers People-Based Marketing with real-time, comprehensive and accurate email data. With TowerData’s suite of services, marketers can improve the quality, depth and reach of their data to meet customers with the right message, in the right place at the right time.

Empowering Marketers Since 2001

TowerData launched in 2001 to provide quality email append services to marketers across the US. Since then, TowerData has grown and strengthened its core services, which now include Email Validation, Identity Matching, Website Visitor Identification and Email Intelligence, which was created after acquiring Rapleaf in 2013. Now, TowerData is an established, technology-driven leader with one of the most reliable email databases in the industry.

Our Data Experts

Tom Burke

With 20 years of experience creating data-based solutions, Tom thrives on finding new and better ways to clean and enhance email addresses. Prior to founding TowerData, Tom was responsible for email hygiene products at Return Path and led the product team at Invertica. Tom started his career at Oracle, designing and implementing database applications for enterprise clients.

Phil Davis

Chief Business Officer
Phil is a data industry veteran, previously holding high-ranking positions at a number of well-known players, including CEO of Rapleaf (now a division of TowerData), President of ConsumerBase and SVP/HD of the online division of Equifax. At TowerData, Phil helps clients identify better, more efficient ways to engage their prospects and customers.

Brian Cardona

Brian has been a direct marketer since the beginning of his career more than 15 years ago. Today, Brian helps TowerData customers apply technology to maximize revenue, minimize costs and improve the depth and accuracy of their databases. Prior to TowerData, Brian worked at Ziff Davis Publishing where he managed one of the first large opt-in email lists.

Aaron Couts

Vice President of Operations
Aaron began programming computers out of high school and has been working in technology ever since. He started his email career at Return Path and has been with TowerData since the beginning, managing TowerData’s systems, designing and maintaining system security and delivering top quality results to clients in a timely manner. He has a B.A. in Physics from Carleton College.

Diarmuid Thoma

Vice President of Fraud & Data Strategy
For over 20 years, Diarmuid has specialized in developing fraud prevention strategies for some of the world’s largest companies including Facebook, Symantec, Hewlett Packard and TransUnion. Thoma’s in-depth knowledge of the global fraud prevention market and its context within regional compliance like GDPR and CCPA powers the advancement and scaling of TowerData’s products globally.

Mark Miller


Johnathan Reason

Principal Engineer

Katie Intrater

Vice President of Business Development

Thomas Heenan

Senior Director

Taylor LeBaron

Client Relations Manager

Bojan Milosavljevic


Aldo Luciano


Lizzie Hoffman


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