Improve Email Deliverability with Email Validation

Email ValidationIncrease your inbox delivery rate by cleaning your email list of invalid and fraudulent email addresses. If you have too many bounces, too many complaints, or too many spam trap hits, your email reputation will suffer, which means your messages could be sent to the junk folder or even blocked. TowerData’s email validation service improves the quality of your data and your email deliverability, leading to higher opens, clicks, and conversions.

The Benefits of TowerData Email Validation

TowerData has been providing email validation since 2002 and real-time validation since 2005. When you deploy the most senior and most advanced service in the industry, you get:

  • Accurate syntax engine – Identifies invalid email formats and lets the good ones through.
  • Sophisticated email correction - Corrects misspellings, preventing data entry errors, lost leads, and typo traps.
  • Thorough spam trap suppression – Prevents spam traps and complainers from getting on your list and damaging your deliverability.
  • Proprietary domain database – Ensures the most accurate status of every email domain.
  • Comprehensive mailbox check – Determines whether messages to a mailbox will hard bounce, soft bounce, or deliver.
  • Detailed status codes – Provides 30 different diagnostic codes to precisely categorize which emails are bad and why.
  • Flexible service options – Process data in real time, batch, or using automated FTP.

For additional information, read about our email list cleaning capabilities or real-time API, or download a free brochure.

Maintain a clean email list to reduce your mailing costs and increase the success of your email marketing. TowerData email validation is fast, accurate, secure, and can remove up to 95% of bad emails. Get a free email validation report or contact TowerData today.

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