Reactivate Dormant Email Subscribers

Many organizations have older lists of subscribers they haven’t mailed in a long time but would like to resume contact with. However, mailing old email addresses can lead to high bounce rates and complaints, which jeopardizes your email deliverability. It can also be a waste of time if the people you're mailing are no longer interested in your product or service or no longer check those accounts.

TowerData’s Email Intelligence can identify dormant or unresponsive email addresses that are valid, actively used and most likely to respond to your offer. Our proprietary process uses a combination of:

  • Validating email addresses
  • Matching to opener data
  • Measuring email velocity and social media activity
  • Replacing outdated email addresses with current ones
  • Segmenting the subscribers most likely to respond

Do you want to reactivate inactive subscribers or build an effective winback campaign? Contact us now.