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Most Marketers Don't Utilize Age and Gender for their Subscribers...Still.

Posted by Caitlin MacDonald

February 28, 2012

Based on the stats below, what's wrong with this picture?

Well, the chart title might have given it away...In any case, the glaring conclusion is that most marketers still do not know or make use of simple demographics such as the age and gender makeup of their customers (according to a MarketSherpa study).

It is understandable this is so. Conversion rates on forms tend to decrease as the number of fields to fill out increases. It also might seem weird to the customer if you prompt them for their age and gender information right off the bat in some cases. But without it, it is extremely difficult to recommend tailored deals and offers or personalize your email content. Think about this: you're a daily deal site and have a spa deal and a sporting goods store offer to advertise for the day. By segmenting those offers by gender, you are more likely to maximize the purchasing power for each offer. You can also provide detailed analytics on the backend to the merchant with regards to what their ideal audience looks like who purchased their deal. Or maybe you only have a spa offer for the day. You can update the messaging and content of the email to make it relevant to both genders. Whether it be age, gender, or others, there are infinite possiblities for utilizing demographic data.

Start small. Segmenting your email lists and email content by something as simple and age and/or gender can go a long way. Try it today!

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