Validate Addresses in Real Time and Stop Bad Data

Stop wasting your resources on bad data. On average, 4-8% of the contact data entered by visitors to your website are incorrect or invalid. If you employ direct mail marketing, you’re wasting that much of your budget by trying to reach these individuals. Before it even gets into your database, validate and correct addresses as are they are entered on your site with TowerData’s Address Validation API.

How Does It Work?

TowerData leverages USPS DPV and Canada Post SERP Certified processes to accurately validate addresses. The address validation service

  • fixes misspellings and data entry errors;
  • recognizes acronyms, phonetics, and nicknames;  
  • fills in missing address components, such as street directionals or zip codes;
  • and normalizes address formatting to postal standards.

In addition, the service will provide all the information you need, such as carrier route and delivery point code, to obtain postal discounts. The Address Validation API uses the REST format, making it easy to use with any programming language, and returns results within milliseconds.

 Validation results include:

  • Status, including DPV code and footnotes
  • Standardized address
  • Zip+4
  • Address type such as street, high rise, rural route, etc.
  • Carrier route, eLOT, and delivery point bar code plus check digit

Invalid addresses not only result in costly returned mail but also lost marketing opportunities and reduced sales. Make sure you capture mailable addresses for your leads by using TowerData Address Validation services. Contact us to learn more or Register for a free trial.