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Real-Time Validation and Data Enhancement Services

TowerData’s Real-Time Data Services enable you to capture more leads and close more business by improving the quality and depth of information you have for customers and prospects.

Capturing the correct contact information of visitors to your website is essential to converting them to customers, and incorrect email addresses, postal addresses, and phone numbers can cost you leads and revenue. Don’t let those precious leads slip away. You can salvage them, immediately, by preventing data entry errors with TowerData’s Real-Time Validation Services.

TowerData’s Real-Time Data Enhancement Services enable you to enrich your customer records by adding information you may be missing, including postal addresses, phone numbers, geographical location, and demographics. This data, immediately added to your leads as you collect them, will enable you to personalize your communications, filter and segment prospects, and market more effectively – converting more leads to customers.

TowerData has been providing Real-Time Data Services since 2005, and our REST API (application programming interface) is fast, scalable, and easy to deploy.

Real-time Validation Service Options

Email Verification and Correction

Email Verification stops invalid, fraudulent, and malicious emails such as spam traps from getting on your email list. The TowerData API also suggests corrections for typos and misspellings, ensuring you capture accurate, working email addresses. Invalid email addresses not only represent lost opportunities but also impair your email delivery rate. Learn More.

Postal Address Validation

The API can validate and correct U.S. and Canadian postal addresses using a USPS DPV® and Canada Post SERP Certified process. In addition to standardizing the address, the service will provide all the information you need, such as carrier route and delivery point code, to obtain postal discounts. Learn More.

Phone Validation

Phone Validation increases the call success rates experienced by your sales people or call center and helps you save on post-collection data correction. By validating phone numbers when they are entered, you can respond to inquiries immediately, resulting in increased conversion rates and higher customer satisfaction levels. Learn More.

Real-Time Data Enhancement Service Options

Data Appending

TowerData offers a wealth of demographics including gender, age, occupation, education, income, marital status, and much more. These attributes can be matched to your data in real-time by either email address or postal address. By enhancing your database, you’ll have greater intelligence on who your customers are and be able to market to them more effectively. Learn More.

Reverse Email Append

Reverse email append enhances your email database by adding missing names and postal addresses. With this information, you'll be able to communicate with your customers through direct mail, segment your database based on geography, and personalize your communications. Learn More.

Reverse Phone Append

Do you have phone numbers but are missing names or postals? Reverse phone append fills in the gaps and provides an alternate point of contact. Learn More.

IP Address Geolocation

The TowerData API can identify where a visitor to your website is physically located and which ISP they are using by examining their IP address while they are accessing your website. Learn More.

Don’t let another valuable lead slip away! Try TowerData Real-Time Data Services for free for 30 days or 1,000 transactions, or contact us about processing a sample file for you at no charge. You can also download a free brochure to learn more.