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Get Phone Validation in Real Time

with Our API

Stop Invalid Phone Numbers at the Point of Entry

Typographic errors and falsified phone numbers cause lost leads and frustrate sales or call center employees. TowerData’s Phone Validation verifies whether a telephone number entered on your website is dialable at the time it’s entered. Our service also tells you what carrier the number belongs to and whether it’s wireless or a landline, helping you better segment your leads.

TowerData Phone Validation Tells You:

  • Status (Valid or Invalid)
  • Line Type (Wireless, Landline, Page or Mixed)
  • Carrier (Verizon, AT&T, etc.)
  • Geography (Country, State, County and City)

TowerData Phone Validation works for 24 countries and territories in North America, including the United States and Canada. It checks whether the first seven digits of a phone number (the NPA-NXX +1) are a valid combination and exist in the 411 directory assistance database.

Avoid disconnects and wrong numbers with TowerData’s Phone Validation service. Check out the documentation, view our full set of real-time data services or contact us to learn more.

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