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Stop Invalid Phone Numbers at the Point of Entry with Phone Validation

Increase your ability to call your customers with TowerData’s Phone Validation Service. The quality of telephone leads can disintegrate with typographical errors and falsified data, leading to a frustrated and less productive sales team or call center. Our phone validation API can verify – in real time – that a telephone number entered on your site is dialable, what carrier it belongs to, and whether it’s wireless or a landline.

How Does it Work?

TowerData Phone Validation works for 24 countries and territories in North America, including the United States and Canada, and it checks whether the first 7 digits of a phone number (the NPA-NXX +1) are a valid combination. In addition to validating the phone number, we supply you with additional information to aid you in segmenting your leads.

For a given phone number, the API returns the following information:

      • Status: Valid or invalid
      • Line type: Wireless, landline, pager or mixed
      • Carrier: AT&T, Verizon, etc.
      • Geography: Country, state, county and city

The phone validation service uses the easy-to-use REST format, and results are returned with sub-second response time. Avoid disconnects and wrong numbers – validate phone numbers with TowerData to identify bad phone numbers before you start calling. Contact us to learn more or register for a free trial.