Verify Emails in Real Time as you Collect Them

Stop bounces, spam traps, and fraudulent emails from compromising your email list and impacting your marketing results. On average, 6% of email addresses submitted on websites invalid or unsafe. By using TowerData’s Email Verification API to clean and correct email addresses at the point of entry, you’ll improve both the quality of your email list and your email delivery rates.

Rely on TowerData to

  • Identify which email addresses work – and which don’t.
  • Improve your email sending reputation and email deliverability.
  • Minimize undeliverable email expenses and improve ROI.
  • Increase brand exposure and sales with higher open and click-through rates.
  • Reduce fraud and data entry errors and improve data quality.
  • Cut bounce rates, suppress spam traps and curb complaints.

How Does Real Time Verification Work?

Our API uses the industry standard REST format, which means it’s easily integrated with any website, programming language or systems environment. You can learn about the comprehensive set of email list cleaning features here or, if you’d rather send files, our batch email validation service offers automated, FTP-based processing.

Get started with email verification today! Register for a free trial, or contact us to learn more.