Real-Time API Documentation and Sample Code

It's easier than ever to improve the quality of your data. With TowerData's Real-Time Data Services, you can:

  • Validate and correct email addresses, phone numbers, and postal addresses.
  • Find demographic information for a customer based on their email address or postal.
  • Obtain name and postal address based on a prospect's email address or phone number.
  • Use IP address to determine the location of a visitor to your website.

Our API (Application Programming Interface) is RESTful and data is returned in JSON format. For example, it’s as easy to use as creating a URL like this:

Data is returned in an easy to read and parse format like this:

"email": {
"ok": false,
"status_code": 115,
"status_desc": "Invalid domain syntax",
"validation_level": 2,
"address": "john;",
"username": null,
"domain": null,
"corrections": ["",

Implementation Guide

For detailed information on the API services, how to use them, and their inputs and outputs, read the Implementation Guide (PDF).

Sample Code

Sample code for accessing the API is available for the following languages:

Test requests can be performed directly in your web browser!

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