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for our Real-Time Data API

TowerData API Documentation & Sample Code

TowerData’s Email Validation and Enhancement API uses the industry standard REST syntax, which can be invoked simply by constructing a URL and tested directly in a web browser. Data is returned in JSON format, which is both easy for you to read and easy for your programs to analyze.

Sample Request and Response:

Example API Call


Example API Response

1. {

2. "email": {

3. "ok": false,

4. "status_code": 110,

5. "status_desc": "Invalid character in address",

6. "validation_level": 2,

7. "address": "john;doe@mailinator",

8. "username": null,

9. "domain": null,

10."domain_type": "disposable",

11."role": false,

12."corrections": ["john.doe@mailinator.com","johndoe@mailinator.com"]


14."found_postal": {

15."ok": true,

16."status_code": 10,

17."status_desc": "Data found",

18."fname": "JOHN",

19."lname": "DOE",

20."address1": "100 MAIN ST APT 3",

21."address2": null,

22."city": "SPRINGFIELD",

23."state": "MA",

24."zip": "11111",

25."plus4": "1234",


27."demographics": {

28."age": "25-34",

29."gender": "Male",

30."occupation": "Professional",

31."children": "No",

32."household_income": "75k-100k",

33."marital_status": "Single",

34."home_owner_status": "Rent",

35."velocity": "7"



Sample Code

Sample code for accessing our API is available for the following:

Don’t see sample code for your language or have additional questions? Ask us!

Implementation Guide 

For detailed information on TowerData Real-Time Data Services, check out our Implementation Guide.

Our API is fast, reliable, accurate and secure. Sign up now to try it for free, or ask us about processing test data for you.

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